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Hindís Feet on High Places

by Hannah Hurnard

This story is a beautiful allegory with a similarity to Pilgrims Progress. First published in 1955, so many have found comfort and help in this tale of Much-Afraidís journey to become Grace and Glory that it has been a best seller ever since publication. Much-Afraidís trials and tribulations can be related to many happenings in our own lives, but always there is hope held out to us, if we follow Godís path as Much-Afraid does.

Review by Mary Bartholomew  (11/03/01)
Price: £5.99
Publisher: David C Cook / Kingsway
ISBN: 0-860-65192-4

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Holy War

- The Battle for Mansoul

by John Bunyan

This edition has been presented in the hope and expectation that families will read it together. Guidance is given as to how this can be done, and various explanations of words and old fashioned terms will make the reading easier. I enjoyed the opportunity of reading this title again. I find the many names of the individuals good and evil, so appropriate, and the story of the behaviour of the inhabitants of Mansoul and the followers of Diabolus frighteningly recognisable in our present times. It seems that we have learnt nothing since John Bunyanís time and need to learn the lessons of this story over and over again. Younger children will certainly need adult guidance through the book, older children will find it exciting and exhilarating. Despite setbacks, Emmanuel triumphs in the end as the Bible teaches us. A classic.

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Review by Mary Bartholomew  (20/12/08)
Price: £9.99
Publisher: CF4Kids imprint of Christian Focus
Published: November 2008
ISBN: 978-1-845-50394-9

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- The Only Way Out is In

by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker

This is a mystery story of a spiritual battle which gets more gripping as it progresses. Two couples, each of whose relationship is crumbling, come separately to the house. Threatening House Rules are presented to them after supper. They are the only guests and soon come to realise that they and the house are being manipulated with evil intent. Subsequently a fifth person is found trapped with them. They are set against each other, believing a death before dawn is the only escape. Perplexingly, evil is more present than good, and good is distrusted when it might be recognised. Self-serving may be the only way to survive, but what is true? Will one death be enough?

Review by Bryan Nicholls  (26/05/07)
Price: £9.99
Publisher: Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
Published: 2006
ISBN: 978-1-595-54156-7

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The Holy War

- by John Bunyan

A modern English version by Thelma H. Jenkins

Thelma Jenkins began this modern English version for her own pleasure, but soon friends encouraged her to seek publication so that others could be persuaded to read this little known John Bunyan title. Mansoul is a town that has rejected its rightful king and welcomed in Diabolus. The Kings son Prince Emmanuel comes to the rescue and in time is also rejected. John Bunyanís names for the participants of this book tell exactly what is going on, as the battle wages to and fro. This is a story with a punch as strong as Pilgrimís Progress and shows how little we have learnt since his time! The happy ending is more than Mansoul deserves, and is only secured through the intervention of Prince Emmanuel.

Review by Mary Bartholomew  (21/08/03)
Price: £5.95
Publisher: EP (Evangelical Press)
Published: 2003
ISBN: 0-852-34267-5

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