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 Biographies/Writings: Saints & Notable Christians

For the lives of those we give the title Saint, and other historically noteworthy Christian men and women, written by their contemporaries, their own writings and stories about them painstakingly put together by modern day writers.

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On Eagles Wings

- The Life and Spirit of St. Chad

by David Adam

It never fails to amaze me, how much we know from times long ago. The writings of Bede, so often from first hand information, are not the only source from which David Adam builds his fascinating story of the life and times of St Chad. Each chapter ends with exercises in the familiar style of the author, and this book is much more than a biography, it is a vehicle for prayer and meditation too.

Review by Mary Bartholomew  (11/03/01)
Price: £5.99
Publisher: Triangle imprint of SPCK
ISBN: 0-281-05216-6

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On Giant’s Shoulders

by Mike Reeves

Having enjoyed Michael Reeves’ earlier work The Breeze of the Centuries I have been looking forward to this sequel.
Previously Reeves considered the theologians of the Early Church, now, in On Giants’ Shoulders, he introduces the reader to the authors of some of the most significant reformation and post reformation theological works. Spanning the period from Luther to Barth Reeves provides an enticing introduction to such momentous works of Theology as: John Calvin’s The Institutes of Christian Religion, Fredric Shleiermacher’s The Christian Faith and Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics.
As with The Breeze of the Centuries, On Giants’ Shoulders begins with a thumbnail sketch of the theologian placing each in their historical context. Reeves then supplies a brief introduction to the scope of their work and considers at least one of the publications that they are famous for. In his conclusion Reeves suggests an accessible route into the writings of these theological giants before gracefully leaving the reader to explore further.
Once again Reeves’ points out that this book is not meant to be a book of ‘great Christians’ and has thus deliberately left out the likes of John Bunyan and John Wesley. On Giants’ Shoulders is designed to be an accessible introduction to some of the greatest theological works produced within the last five hundred years. It is also designed to encourage its readers to go beyond this simple introduction and tackle the works of theology it describes. As such Reeves has done a superb job and I commend On Giant’s Shoulders as a worthy successor, and complementary volume to The Breeze of the Centuries.

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Review by Steve Langford  (14/03/12)
Price: £8.99
Publisher: IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published: 21 January 2011
ISBN: 978-1-844-74495-4

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On the Trail of John Wesley

by J Keith Cheetham

One of a series of On the Trail titles by this publisher listing places of interest to visit. See also, On the Trail of the Pilgrim Fathers

I found this book extremely informative and set out in a very ‘easy to read’ format. A lot of research has been done, and presented in a comfortable and attractive way, which will appeal to young and old. I found the book very helpful in the research of John Wesley’s life and upbringing and also of the birth of Methodism as a whole. Important dates in John Wesley’s life are clearly laid out for easy reference, with useful maps and images which helps you place yourself in the scene or situation. A useful addition to the John Wesley books being published for the celebration of his birth in 1703.

Notes by Caroline Jayne Fuller – Local Preacher in the Methodist Church, Leominster

Review by Guest reviewer  (21/05/03)
Price: £7.99
Publisher: Luath Press Ltd
Published: 2003
ISBN: 1-842-82023-0

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Oscar Romero and the Communion of the Saints

by Scott Wright with photos by Octavio Duran

It is thirty years since the assassination, while he was saying mass, of Oscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador. He was giving a homily at the time on the subject of human dignity. That same year thousands of peasants were killed by the death squads of the brutal military dictatorship. Romero spent his whole life among the poor, fighting for their rights, alleviating when he could the hunger, disease and violence which was their common lot. For many years El Salvador was controlled by a heartless capitalist regime supported by a military trained, it must be said, in the United States. Romero spoke out constantly against the government repression, appealing for basic human rights and social justice. He became the voice of the voiceless, the conscience of his people. His case for canonisation is being considered by the Vatican. Anyone who reads this book will have no doubt as to his saintliness.

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Review by John Irvine  (22/02/10)
Price: £12.99
Publisher: Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published: February 2010
ISBN: 978-1-570-75839-3

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Oxford Dictionary of Saints

by David Farmer

It seemed sensible to include in this section one of the Dictionaries of Saints that are available. My choice of the Oxford Dictionary was influenced by its price, the number of Saints included and the quality of the writing and scholarship that has gone into its make-up. A very useful reference book, it is also an informative and entertaining read. Here are Saints of whom much is known for certain, and those like Julian the Hospitaller who is almost certainly an entirely mythical saint! Once you start dipping into this book you are drawn on and on. I find it difficult to put down.

Review by Mary Bartholomew  (20/07/01)
Price: £7.99
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP)
Published: 1997
ISBN: 0-192-80058-2

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Oxford Dictionary of Saints

by David Farmer

A treasure trove of information that has been used and read by many many people since its first publication in 1978. This fifth edition is updated yet again, to make it a primary source to help preachers, scholars and ordinary lay people learn about the well known saints and also those more recently canonized.
I cannot do better than quote the words of the publisher - ....more than 1,700 fascinating and informative entries covering the lives, cults, and artistic associations of saints from around the world, from the famous to the obscure, the rich to the poor, and the academic to the uneducated....
If like me you are happy browsing through a book like this, discovering much of interest, you will be disappointed at the small typeface, but as a manageably sized reference book it is just right.

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Review by Mary Bartholomew  (03/05/11)
Price: £11.99
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP)
Published: April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-199-59660-7

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The Other Faces of Mary

- Stories, Devotions, and pictures of the Holy Virgin Around the World

by Ann Ball

ISBN: 0-824-52255-9
Price: £9.99

Published: March 2005
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