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 Biographies/Writings: Saints & Notable Christians

For the lives of those we give the title Saint, and other historically noteworthy Christian men and women, written by their contemporaries, their own writings and stories about them painstakingly put together by modern day writers.

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Eagle and the Dove

- The Spirituality of the Celtic Saint Columbanus

by Katherine Lack

“Columbanus was an extraordinary man…” After reading this detailed but very readable account of his life, that seems an understatement! Katherine Lack has drawn on contemporary accounts, Columbanus’ own writing and other scholarship to tell the story of his early life in Ireland, and his labours in France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, which changed the face of Europe for ever. It seems incredible that we should know so much of what happened in the sixth century. He was a contemporary of Columba of Iona, but to most of us far less known. Hopefully this fascinating book will change that.

Review by Mary Bartholomew  (11/03/01)
Price: £6.99
Publisher: Triangle imprint of SPCK
Published: 17 November 2000
ISBN: 0-281-05323-5

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Early Christian Thinkers

- The Lives and Legacies of Twelve Key Figures

Edited by Paul Foster

With a cast of eminent patristic scholars having contributed to this introductory volume on the Early Fathers – from both Latin and Greek traditions – Paul Foster has edited this collection of short biographies with great skill. From Justin Martyr to Eusebius of Caesarea, each of the twelve pre-Nicene figures are covered in all the essentials. I especially enjoyed Volp’s chapter on Hippolytus of Rome who seldom gains the recognition he deserves. Having clearly been written with an undergraduate audience in mind, the work will leave more advanced readers somewhat wanting; however, with little or no prior knowledge presumed the general readership will benefit from this foray into Early Christianity. Given the excellent scholars involved, along with the quality of exegesis, I recommend this book to all with a draw to the beginnings of late antique Christianity.

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Review by Dan McNamara  (19/10/10)
Publisher: SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published: 23 September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-281-06098-6

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Edith Stein – Woman of Prayer

by Joanne Mosley

I admit ignorance of Edith Stein before reading this book. The first part of the book is the story of her life, the second her understanding of the particular figures that guided her prayers. She made Christ the centre of her life, but also took as her models Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Queen Esther from the Old Testament and the Saints of Carmel particularly Teresa. Edith Stein was a Jewess converted to Christianity in a Germany that became more and more under the influence of Hitler. She was an academic who hungered for the life of an enclosed Nun. This I could understand far more fully after reading this absorbing book. Her story reflects what those times were like for a Jew, regardless of their faith, her life may have ended in Auschwitz but her story and writings live on.

Review by Mary Bartholomew  (07/03/04)
Price: £9.99
Publisher: Gracewing
Published: February 2004
ISBN: 0-852-44596-2

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- Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Translated by Tatiana Wolff

The author was the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Patriarchal Church in Great Britain. As well as giving a fascinating account of his early life in France, exiled from Russia, and his own conversion to the Christian faith, he deals throughout the rest of the book with encounters – not only the dramatic encounters with people and ideas which significantly change our lives, but the ordinary everyday encounters with believers and those of no faith which should matter to us but don’t. His own encounters with the Gospels had a profound effect on his own life and he communicates his love of the Bible with an enthusiasm that is infectious. Although his commitment is to the Orthodox Faith, his comments on mankind and his place in the universe are true for all Christians and are to be welcomed.

Review by John Irvine  (21/06/05)
Price: £9.95
Publisher: DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published: 25 April 2005
ISBN: 0-232-52600-1

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Essential Writings – Jean Vanier

Selected and with an Introduction by Carolyn Whitney-Brown.

If, like me, you are an admirer of Jean Vanier, you will welcome this selection from his writings and addresses, issued to mark his 80th birthday. I found his words stirring, moving and often challenging, as he commends a “path of littleness”, living by the Beatitudes. “Change the world, with love,” he writes, “one heart at a time.”
Vanier, founder of the L’Arche communities, speaks positively of what broken or handicapped people can teach us. “We are healed by the poor and weak, transformed by them if we enter into relationship with them.” They may be despised by ‘normal’ society, but everyone in this world is precious. . Some of the brief descriptions in this book of the words and actions of people we label ‘handicapped’ will stay with me.
The introduction, written by a former L’Arche resident, has much helpful information about Vanier and L’Arche. All in all, a book I recommend.

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Review by Barry Vendy  (03/12/08)
Price: £10.95
Publisher: DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published: 20 October 2008
ISBN: 978-0-232-52753-7

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Evangelical Holiness

- And Other Addresses

by Iain H Murray

This book consists of five recent addresses given by Iain Murray the veteran preacher and co-founder of Banner of Truth. The messages cover a wide range of issues: evangelical holiness, the Bible, apostasy, controversy and the fourth commandment.

Mr Murray shows in each message how important the subject is and carefully and clearly teaches using God's word as his bedrock. Mr. Murray's writing is enhanced by many interesting quotes from past worthies and cross references to other works.

Mr Murray's writing encourages the reader to be a thinking Christian, discerning the signs of the times. As a good historian he not only educates us about the past but applies to the present. As a good preacher he not only teaches us but also challenges us. As a good author he is not only clear but is also profound.

This is a timely and important book that deserves to be widely read. Highly recommended.

Review by Alan Hill  (04/06/14)
Price: £7.99
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Published: November 2013
ISBN: 978-1-848-71319-2

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Every Pilgrims Guide to Assisi

- and other Franciscan Pilgrim Places.

by Judith Dean

ISBN: 1-853-11418-9
Price: £7.99

Published: Spring 2002
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