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 Biographies/Writings: Saints & Notable Christians

For the lives of those we give the title Saint, and other historically noteworthy Christian men and women, written by their contemporaries, their own writings and stories about them painstakingly put together by modern day writers.

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15 Days of Prayer With Brother Roger of Taiz@eacute;

by Sabine Laplane

This is the story of Roger Schutz who founded the Taiz@eacute; Community in Burgundy during the Second World War. Known universally thereafter as Brother Roger, he built a community of Christians committed to ecumenism. A Protestant himself, he worked for the reconciliation of all Christians, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox, and was welcomed by Popes and Archbishops of Canterbury. He travelled widely throughout the world, attending Vatican Councils and meeting leaders of other faiths. He remained the leader of the Community for sixty five years until murdered at the age of ninety by a mentally disturbed assailant. The book tells the story of this man of prayer and intersperses it with quotations from his many published works, prayers, commentaries on the Gospels and the chants for which the community is rightly famous. At the end of each chapter there are challenging questions for reflection. A truly inspiring book about a man truly inspired by God.

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Review by John Irvine  (15/11/10)
Price: £8.95
Publisher: New City
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-565-48349-1

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15 Days of Prayer With Saint Clare of Assisi

by Marie-France Becker

Saint Clare of Assisi was a thirteenth century Italian saint. She was a friend of Saint Francis and it was he who inspired her to consecrate her life to the Lord. To do this she founded the order of the Poor Sisters, or Poor Clares as they are better known. They share together what Clare calls “the privilege of poverty”. The book is divided into fifteen parts. Each part, or day, begins with a Focus Point, which deals with a particular moment in her spiritual journey. This is followed by an examination of her thought and writing at a particular time in her life. Each chapter finishes with Questions for Reflection, which focus the mind sharply on what has just been read. This is not just a book for fifteen days but one that can be returned to again and again.

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Review by John Irvine  (24/08/11)
Price: £8.95
Publisher: New City
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-565-48371-2

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15 Days of Prayer with Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

by Constant Tonnelier

St. Thérèse of Lisieux lived for only twenty-four years, nine of these passed in a Carmelite monastery. Yet, in spite of this brief life passed in obscurity, her autobiography The Story of a Soul is a bestseller and her influence has spread worldwide. Since her canonisation in 1925 she has become one of the most admired and loved of saints. This book brings together Thérèse’s own thoughts and reflections on life with a continuous explanatory commentary by the author. Thérèse’s Little Way is firmly rooted in confidence and love. ‘To love until we die of love’ is her prescription for a happy life. Anyone setting out on a spiritual journey need not travel alone. This book is a perfect companion and guide.

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Review by John Irvine  (03/02/12)
Price: £8.95
Publisher: New City
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-565-48391-0

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