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Notice: This site is no longer being updated. It will continue to be available as an archive, at least until the end of March 2019. If you rely on it for review links, please adjust them before then.

The project has disseminated reviews and other information about Christian books since the start of the Millennium. We regret that it is no longer possible to sustain it.

Reviews of good Christian books about:- Lifestyle
Spiritual direction and help with ethical decisions in our everyday living.

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Year of Plenty

- One Suburban family, Four Rules and 365 Days of Homegrown Adventure in Pursuit of Christian Living

by Craig L Goodwin

Price: £8.99
Publisher: Spark House imprint of Augsberg from Alban Books
ISBN: 978-1-451-40074-8
Reviewed by Melanie Carroll  (03/11/11)

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Yes You Can

- 20 Testimonies prove Everyone can serve the Lord

by Keith Giles

Price: £5.99
Publisher: Ambassador Productions from Trust Media Distribution
Published: 2004
ISBN: 1-840-30161-9
Reviewed by Hilary Morgan  (28/07/05)

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You Can Make a Difference

by Tony Campola

Price: £6.99
Publisher: Authentic Media
Published: 2005
ISBN: 1-860-24523-4
Reviewed by publisher  (21/12/05)

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You Canít Play the Game If You Donít Know the Rules

- How Relationships Work

by Irene Alexander

Price: £7.99
Publisher: Lion
Published: 21 November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-745-95331-1
Reviewed by Mary Bartholomew  (10/12/08)

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You'll Never Be Younger

- A Good News Spirituality For Those Over 60

by William J O'Malley

Price: £11.99
Publisher: Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published: April 2015
ISBN: 978-1-626-98124-9
Reviewed by Graham Wise  (05/10/15)

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Your Best Life Now

- 7 Steps to Living At Your Full Potential

by Joel Osteen

Price: £8.99
Publisher: Hodder
Published: 20 March 2008
ISBN: 978-0-340-96451-4
Reviewed by Barry Vendy  (29/08/09)

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Your Money and Your Life

- Completely revised and updated

by Keith Tondeur and Steve Pierce
ISBN: 978-0-281-06238-6
Price: £9.99
Published: 19 August 2010
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Youíre an Angel

- Being Yourself and Sharing Your Faith

by Peter Neilson and David Currie
ISBN: 1-905-02226-3
Price: £11.95
Published: 2005
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