The Heart of a God Chaser
by Tommy Tenney
Price: £4.99
Publisher: Eagle
ISBN: 0-863-47425-X

I challenge you to read this disturbing book! There are lots of theories around to explain the decline of Western Christianity. According to some it’s down to the success of technology and it’s ability to make life less precarious. Others blame global media for creating too many distractions. But Tenney finds the causes of our decline in the Bible. In simple terms we’re not hungry enough and we spend much of our time offering people “stale crumbs” when they’re craving fresh bread. “The bottom line is this: If you are really hungry to see Daddy come on the scene, then you have to understand that you must stop seeking His benefits and quit asking for Him to do this and that. We have managed to turn what we erroneously call “church” into a big ‘Bless me club’ where we sign up for this blessing and that blessing. I’m not sure that we need to seek blessings anymore. That’s what the Israelites did in all the centuries after they ran from the face of God. We need to seek brokenness and repentance, and say by our actions as well as our words, ”God, we want You.”

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