Dear Paul…am I the only one?
by Bridget Plass
Price: £5.99
Publisher: Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF)
ISBN: 1-841-01038-3

Bridget Plass’ deep understanding of the writings of Paul make this book uplifting and challenging to read. Yes, it is fiction, yes, she has ‘made up’ all its’ contents, but her years of knowing and studying what Paul really said, have enabled her to write this series of letters. Those from people on earth reflect the troubles of our own times, Paul’s replies are based as closely as she could manage from facts drawn from Acts and from his letters. I’ve recently read Meet Paul by Donald Coggan, and I felt that the man I had met there, could indeed have written these replies. This is a book to read and pass on, but you will probably want to make sure you get it back!

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