Back to Jerusalem
by Three Chinese Church Leaders with Paul Hattaway
Price: 6.99
Publisher: Piquant
ISBN: 1-903-68903-1

This is a troubling book. Crusaders who belong to an evangelical movement in China, called the Back to Jerusalem movement are dedicated to Biblical Christianity. The ideas and activities of its membership, largely developed since the 1930s, are described and explained by some of its leaders in this book. Their beliefs rely on the literal adaptation of Old and New Testaments to assert the priority of Christianity over other cultures and religions. Old-fashioned ideas of the Church Militant and its martyrs reinforce attempts to prevail as evangelists, to resist persecution and opposition. Models of battle and conflict, themselves strongly embedded in plentiful Christian texts, appear to override other ideals of universal harmony and concepts of loving Christianity. Why should Christians loosen 'the foundations of the houses of Buddha, Hinduism and Mohammed'? Those who oppose other cultures on the basis of absolute and fanatical Christian convictions might, if possible, reflect on their own history and culture. Surely the suffering they know and understand should not be promulgated any further.

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