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Hawking, Dawkins and God

The Rev’d Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS talks to Canon John Young


Price: £5.00(incl VAT plus P&P)
Publisher:York Courses
Published:October 2012
I started listening to this as a duty, but very soon was listening intently to what was being said in this conversation between two committed Christians discussing the words and writings of those who most definitely do not have any faith in God, do not believe there is such a being, and in Richard Dawkin’s case is quite unpleasantly dogmatic in his opinion of those foolish enough to believe what he considers as the rot Christianity preaches.
John Polkinghorne has had a distinguished scientific career before becoming an ordained priest in the Church of England, so speaks with authority about scientific things, and with quietly assured faith about his beliefs. He is able to put into easy to understand terms his own understanding about the possibility of life other than ours in the universe, of suffering, for instance resulting from earthquakes and why they are a part, even a necessity, for our world; and his reasoning of why he believes those who think the universe evolved by chance are so very wrong. Fascinating and reassuring to hear an academic speak so plainly about things that puzzle the average man and woman.
Highly recommended.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (27/10/12)
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