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Henry Hand Puppet 1

Written by Penny Culliford Created and Directed by Jon Taylor


Price: £9.99 (incl VAT)
Published:May 2012
The narrator talks to the four puppets Henry, Harriet, Helen and Fred who answer with nods and shakes of the head or other simple actions. These four have a garden and a nursery to play in with all the usual toys and activities of little ones, and of course a story time, when they sit together quietly and listen to a Bible story.
Each episode lasts for ten minutes. The six Bible stories on this first DVD are Creation, Noah, Moses, Ruth, David & Goliath and Jonah.
The stories are told and illustrated very simply and are aimed at the very young who are used to watching similar presentations on TV. Iím sure they will love these characters, who have to tidy their toys away just like them, who have activities such as planting seeds and picnics with their soft toys, just as they would do before story time. Not meant for my age group, but I thoroughly enjoyed each one!

To order, go to the Henry Hand Puppet website. If you want to use this series in church or school there is an in-depth teaching pack in pdf format that can be downloaded from the website too.
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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (24/05/12)

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