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Give it 7 Days

by Olaf Fogwill


A4 Booklet
Price: £1.10
Of all the study booklets in the Connect4Life series, this is the most original – I would even go so far as to say ‘brilliant’ in its concept. I have not come across a booklet specifically written for Christians who have become disconnected with church and their relationship with Christ. The invitation is simply to ‘give it 7 days’, as Olaf Fogwill provides a helpful framework of non-judgemental self assessment in seven days of reflection. These are not heavy Bible studies – even looking up Bible texts is avoided, but simple, reasonable questions, comments and tick box questionnaires to help people think why they have left. Good reasons are given, presumably based on reasons given by people who have become ‘disconnected’. This is good material that I would willingly give to someone who had left our church, and I would not be embarrassed to offer it if they were willing to ‘give it 7 days’.

Series Review – Connect4Life is an unusual - and welcome - resource. It is a small collection of booklets about being 'connected' to Christ. What makes it particularly welcome is that it aims to help Christians who have left church to reconnect.
Using an electric plug analogy throughout (being connected to Christ brings life), the author Olaf Fogwill gives those who have left church and become 'unconnected' an invitation to 'give it 7 days' with a small study booklet of daily Bible readings. If people decide to 'reconnect' they have a helpful 21 day study guide to think through lots of passages to encourage them on the continued journey. With another option of a 21 day guide for new Christians connecting for the first time - this little pack would be a good resource for evangelical churches to have handy. I say 'evangelical' as it is all Bible based material - but other churches may well find the resource helpful too.
I liked the self help questionnaires, careful choice of readings, non- judgemental approach and prayer resource to 'plug in' and 'switch on' to 'go'. I am not aware of other resources like this for people who want to reconnect with Christ - for that reason alone this is a welcome resource for churches to have available.

For the starter pack containing some of each of the booklets in this series see the website.

Reviewer: Jim Currin   (07/12/11)
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