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Climate Change and Christian Faith CD

Sir John Houghton CBE, FRS conversing with Canon John Young


Price: £5.00 (incl VAT)
Publisher:York Courses
Published:May 2007
No ISBN, the number quoted is purely for the use of our data base.
This is one of several York Courses topic tapes/CDs covering diverse subjects.
Climate Change is the Ďhot topicí in much of the media and rightly so. This conversation was recorded prior to the G8 Summit in 2007 and is between a Scientist and a Theologian. Their discussion could have been above the average listenerís head, but not so. I listened with interest and understanding, and then listened again, and shall do yet again. Sir John has had a fascinating and influential career and to start with John Young encourages him to talk about the work he has been involved with throughout the years. Sir John considers Climate Change and associated problems to be of prime concern to all peoples and explains why and what will happen over time if we do not act now. They discuss this opinion at length then move on to Sir Johnís Christian belief and inevitably what he thinks of Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion. John Young prompts him to talk about how he can believe when many scientists do not. Sir John points out that many scientists do believe in God, and they discuss this at length. Highly recommended.
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A very special deal of a multipack of 5 copies is available for £10 (UK p& p free). This is to enable churches or groups to buy them as giveaways or even to sell on if they wish.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (30/01/08)
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