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The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

The Adventures, The Events, The Holy Sites

Text Editor Deborah Camiel, Translation Betsy Karpenkopf, Photography and Illustrations, various.


Price: £39.75
Publisher:RMC Publishing
Published:January 2008
The UK Distributor website will show you the detail of this amazing book, but there is nothing like having it there before you to read through or dip into as you wish. It is a large ‘coffee table’ sized book that I read using my lap-tray for comfort. I was soon enthralled by the contents. Written deliberately in newspaper format, the items are eye catching and wonderfully illustrated. From Bible events told as if written by a reporter to recent times - the last date to appear is 2005. Through the centuries we are told and shown, ‘news items’ about Saints, Monks, Crusaders and Pilgrims and many other items of relevant history and archaeological finds. Truly a treasure trove of information brought together in this remarkable publication. I could rave on and on, but far better for you to see it for yourself, it is worth every penny.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (06/07/09)

Reader review: - Helen Hancox, TGBS Reviewer

This is a book chock-ful of pictures and illustrations, a heavyweight hardback which is presumably meant as a coffee table book but which gives some interesting insights into the history of the Holy Land. Written in a newspaper-like format, with short articles about particular themes of the history of pilgrimage, it's very easy to dip into this book as it works its way from the time of Christ to the Pope's visit to Israel in 2000.
This is in no way a scholarly book, instead it's more like a popular guidebook to sites and historical legends which seems to assume the historicity of all events it discusses. It's written from a catholic perspective incorporating information on saints and popes and monasteries, much of which was very interesting. Although I found the American spelling and sentence formulation irritating, overall the book was an interesting read and the images that surround the text were good.

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