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Persons Are Our Best Gifts

Inspirational Stories For Person-Centred Living

by Hedwig Lewis


Price: £19.99
Publisher:Convivium Press from Alban Books
Published:January 2014

This is a book of short inspirational stories based on the premise that every person we encounter comes to us as a gift.

Those gifts come in many shapes and sizes but each one contributes something positive to life because each is a valued member of community. People are to be treasured for the way, in each and every encounter, our lives can be enriched.

The use of 'persons' rather than 'people' in the title may be a little off-putting but one has to bear in mind it is published in the USA and that most of the stories come from a north American context.

Many of the stories could be a useful resource for preachers and speakers.

Reviewer: Graham Wise   (10/03/14)
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