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The Messy Quest For Meaning

by Stephen Martin


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Ave Maria Press from Alban Bks
Published:May 2012
The first part of this book is largely biographical and tells of a young manís search for something that will give a satsfactory meaning to his life; in other words, a vocation. After many vicissitudes, including a strange, stress-related illness, he emerges into a way of life that helps him to find that vocation. He then seeks to share with his readers some of the means by which he achieved this goal. These include a look at the lives of some famous people who found their true vocations and followed them wholeheartedly, and his study of the writings of Thomas Merton and of the ordered and focused lifestyle of Trappist monks. Finally, he writes of the importance of his return to the practice of the religion in which he was brought up - Catholicism. As the search for meaning seems to be central to the human condition, the reading of this book could provide some helpful guidelines, while at the same time giving us an interesting and often amusing account of someone elseís life and struggles.

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Reviewer: Alexandra Irvine   (18/10/12)
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