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Mundis Veridis

And the End of the World

by Mim Lennon


Price: £12.00(incl P&P)
Publisher:Ink Books
I have had an interest in the Israel/Palestine situation for many years and welcomed this new approach in support of Israel.
Mim Lennon has as her central character a particularly attractive devil, Mundis Veridis. Attractive? Well he certainly attracts your attention! He is quite a character - in fact more than one! How can that be? He can be in more than one or two places at a time, according to the will of his Boss!
Mundis has existed since the fall and is supposedly a favourite of the Boss - but I do wonder about that. He is instructed to mastermind various plans to stop the creation of the Israeli state, so we move through history learning about how the state of Israel came about despite Mundis' and his minions efforts.
Historical facts are all here, but woven into the history is a fantastical tale of Mundis and his lifestyle, of the love of his life, his laid back devilry that in the end was completely ineffectual against the 'higher beings'.
This is not a quick read - there are many strands to this story of fiction whose purpose is to concentrate our minds on the facts. Gripping and thought provoking.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (27/10/12)

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