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Cecil And Psalm 23

Lost Sheep Series

by Andrew McDonough


Stapled Paperback
Price: £2.99
Publisher:Authentic Media

There is always a fine balancing act when sharing Bible text with young people of helping the text be translated into relevant language whilst not compromising the content. McDonagh has handled that balance expertly. 

By introducing the character of Cecil in the first page both adult reader and young children are then able to buy into the text and what it means to Cecil. 

This is complimented well by the colourful simple illustration and the breakdown of the verses with each picture. Each page offers up ideal discussion options for adults to share with their children as appropriate to their specific level of understanding.

Well done McDonagh. I (and my children) are eagerly anticipating more of the same from Cecil.

Reviewer: Barry Mason   (03/07/14)
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