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A Commentary on 1 & 2 Thessalonians

Ready For Jesus' Return

by David Pawson


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Anchor Recordings
Published:01 February 2015

It is refreshing to read a book on God's word and that treats God's word as God's word. Writing as an evangelical with charismatic leanings, David Pawson has a high view of Scripture. The book reads as a series of sermons and has page after page of explanation and application. The opening chapter on what makes a successful church is particularly strong as is his discussion about divine sovereignty and human responsibility in the last. 

Occasionally Mr. Pawson recounts stories of modern day Christians’ experiences which, in the reviewer’s mind, contradict Bible teaching. For instance he tells of two people who recently saw Jesus walking by a lake. Do not the Scriptures tell us that the next time Jesus is seen on earth is when he returns to bring the world to an end?

Overall, this is a good book that will help you understand 1 and 2 Thessalonians, challenge your Christian walk and prepare you for the Lord's return.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (08/12/15)
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