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A Commentary On The Letters Of John

Walking in the light

by David Pawson


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Anchor Recordings
Published:February 2015

The three letters of John are possibly the last portions of the Bible written. The apostle wrote 1 John so that Christians might know they are saved, giving us 4 tests. 2 and 3 John are more private but still have direct relevance to Christians today. 

In this commentary Mr. Pawson, the well known evangelical preacher, provides a clear and uncluttered exposition of the apostle John's teaching. As in all his commentaries there is explanation, illustration and application. Mr. Pawson has a gift for good communication and this comes out in this volume.

The book begins with a helpful study outline and then is followed by 10 chapters. He carefully deals with some of the more difficult verses and provides insightful comments to some of the simpler. Inevitably readers will not agree with all his interpretations but will not be able to fault him for seeking to be faithful to the Scriptures.

Apart from the occasional charismatic-inclined comment, my only complaint about this book is the blurb on the back cover. It says in part: "Little did the original authors realise that they were writing scripture for people through all history and all the earth." Yes, they did realise it and the first readers recognised it! (see 2 Peter 3:14-16 for instance). I suspect that Mr Pawson did not write these words and I hope that he does not agree with them. Please don't let this put you off buying what is an edifying read.


Reviewer: Alan Hill   (11/01/16)
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