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Simon Peter

The Reed And The Rock

by David Pawson


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Anchor Recordings
Published:December 2013

This book took me longer to read than most of David Pawson's books of similar length. This was for two reasons.

First, the style is unusual and the author explains right at the beginning that it is based on a series of talks. I wonder if it is even an exact transcript of the talks, because I could 'hear' his voice in every sentence.

Secondly, I found something that grabbed my attention in every chapter. David has done a serious amount of research to bring Simon Peter alive to us. The meaning of the name Simon is 'reed' and Peter means 'rock'.

Throughout the book we watch the transformation that took place as this flawed and shaky disciple, who often opened his mouth and put his foot in it, became a man of God, filled with the Spirit, submitted to the Lord Jesus and utterly bold and fearless as he proclaimed the gospel.

I found the whole book fascinating and inspiring, even the excellent chapter on the Resurrection of Jesus which does not mention Peter at all, except in a footnote.There are useful lessons on almost every page—a remarkable book which is well worth a slow and careful read.

Reviewer: Jackie Rowe   (08/04/14)

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