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Expecting Christ

A York Course in four sessions

by David Wilbourne


Stapled A5 Pbk.
Price: £3.99
Publisher:York Courses

Expecting Christ addresses a core challenge for Christians—our struggle to expect to see Christ at work in our lives and communities and the impact this can have on our faith and witness.

The high quality of these courses is evident from the leading theologians who contribute to them, such as the Bishops of London and Chelmsford, Paula Gooder and Joel Edwards.

Although clearly ideal for the Advent and Lent seasons, there is no reason why this York course could not also be used at any time of year. One word of caution though: these courses work best with a group that is used to listening to the spoken word and discussing topics openly and in-depth. There is not much here for groups who enjoy using film, art, silence, music or other media.

If your group wishes or needs to offer more than a chance to chat and debate then the course leader will need to prepare these elements in advance. The same applies to worship and prayer.

Despite those caveats, these courses continue to be very popular. Each course is supported by a CD and a transcript booklet.

Reviewer: David Ford   (25/10/14)
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