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Change(d) Agents

Nine Years in Nepal

by Nick and Ros Henwood


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Grosvenor House Publishing dist. Gardners Books
The price includes post and packing when ordered in the UK from their website
Nick, who trained as a doctor, and Ros, a language graduate, take turns describing how they arrived in Nepal to serve the people and the journey they made in their lives before arriving in Kathmandu and their first impressions of the country that was to become their home for nine years. Originally they were linked to an ‘Umbrella Organisation’ comprising several Christian agencies. With them they spent the first few months learning the language and coming to realise how much they had got to learn about the lives and culture of the Nepalese they would be working with and for.
First one, then the other, describe their day to day lives, their trials and tribulations, the friends they made and the places they lived while at the same time bringing up two young daughters.
This is a very readable book of life in the mission field, of the changing political scenes as Nick tried to promote community healthcare in a land where bureaucracy is taken to frustrating extremes, bribery is expected but despite all there is a thirst for Christ. As Dr Andrew Fergusson says on the back of the book, they were expecting to be ‘change agents’ but found themselves changed.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (29/11/11)

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