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2:52 Learning to Grow on Purpose

Lessons from Jesus' Hidden Years

by John Andrews


Price: £8.99
Publisher:River Publishing from Joining the Dots Distribution
Published:October 2012
"The intention of Jesus was clear. He set His face like a flint. He was purposeful in living as a son beloved of His Father."

This is a deep though brief study into the brilliant obscurity of Jesus' unseen years. Focused on Luke 2: 52 the reader is invited to navigate the two polarities of the passive or the hyper-supernatural.

The "spirituality of physicality" chapter, was particularly great with fresh insights and wisdom to shape a life in the pattern of Jesus. It is tempting only to examine Jesus' miracle-laden ministry, His teaching, His death and resurrection to look forward at what is about to happen, not look back at what has been.

John Andrews weaves together a powerful narrative of the acceptance, authority and authenticity that flows from the life of Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. There are principles and practicalities abounding in this. Plenty of insights of real merit. Fresh stuff!

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (19/04/13)
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