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The Spirit of the Purple Cow

by James Galloway


Price: £7.99
Publisher:River Publishing from Joining the Dots Distribution
Published:May 2012
This is James Galloway's second book and in many ways it's a follow on from From Beach Hut to Palace, in as much as the first book described how his church in Stoke had been built up and purposed and why it's growing like it is and this book addresses the issues of 'followship' that is being a good follower which is in so many ways, according to the author, more important that being a good leader.
Good followers help make good leaders, because good followers are active and integral and purposed and they serve a purpose and are willing to do the job. Like his last book it's a fantastic blend of biblical principle and teaching - this time mainly based around 1 Samuel ch 14 and down to earth considerations of the modern world as we really live in it.
Using concepts such as business (the Purple Cow of the title being a nod to Seth Grodin and his Big Moo books), marketing, mobile phones and social media to drive his idea's home of how we can grow ourselves and our churches.
It's a good book for anyone interested in Church growth or for congregation members interested in getting their shine back.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (14/07/12)
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