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Win the World or Escape the Earth

The End Times Controversy

by Ian Rossol and Tony Wastall


Price: £8.99
Publisher:River Publishing from Joining the Dots Distribution
Published:December 2011
Browsing in a Christian bookshop, I would be unlikely to pick up this title as eschatology is not an easy subject to contemplate, but I'm glad that as a reviewer I am challenged to move out of my comfort zone and to tackle different ideas. If this book didn't have a slot in reviews, many people would be missing a good, well argued account of a subject which recently has attracted some dramatic and not always accurate presentations. Drama has been the outcome of titles on the rapture and the tribulation inspiring fear not faith. These authors who both have a respected and long history of teaching and preaching have gone back to the basics and undertaken a deep biblical review coupled with historical and sociological information, to reveal some errors in thought and interpretation. Some perceived truths have been questioned and alternatives offered to give the reader a thorough introduction to eschatology. The authors have also not been afraid to list other titles so that the reader can pursue further study, and been willing to leave space for us to reflect that God is a mystery and His purposes are not there to be rationalised by mankind.

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Reviewer: Carole Burrows   (21/07/12)
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