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There is Still More

Searching for More of the Kingdom

by Mary Pytches


Price: £7.99
Publisher:River Publishing from Joining the Dots Distribution
Published:July 2012
An encouragement to press ever deeper into your relationship with Christ, at whatever point you find yourself on your walk with Him. Mary Pytches draws upon her many years as a missionary and minister’s wife at home and abroad to demonstrate how to mature as a Christian despite your external circumstances – and how not to! One of my favourite stories is how, when in Chile with four small children and beset by earthquake, revolution and military coup, gun battles outside the house, curfews and utilities failures 'sometimes praise was the last thing on my mind.' A friend helped by putting a reminder notice in her kitchen that said 'Hallelujah Anyway'! This woman is amply qualified to write about how to lead a surrendered life pursuing holiness. Other chapters explore commitment, anointing, healing, and such challenges as diversion, change and growing older, with many personal examples closer to the experience of the average Christian. A thought-provoking and ultimately inspiring read.

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Reviewer: Diane Morrison   (24/08/12)
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