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Three Wise Men From The East

The Cappadocian Fathers And The Struggle For Orthodoxy

by Patrick Whitowrth


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Gardners Books
Published:May 2015
The Cappadocian Fathers—Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa, and Gregory Nazianzen—are actually quite an intrinsic bit of our church history, given that they had so much to do foundationally with the idea's of Trinity, Incarnation and other concepts that are at the heart and basis of our theology and that form our idea of what is orthodox in our faith. 

I'm not using the word orthodox here in the term of the Orthodox church—and nor is this book—but in the sense of the right teaching of the church. Although of course these gentlemen were and are indeed very much part of the Eastern church and in reading this book you come to understand that church a little better too. 

Here this book shines through, opening up the reasons and understandings for why we have the idea's we do, how these came about and were formulated, and how these interesting men were foundational to our theology of faith.

It's a well written, well exercised, intelligent and above all interesting book that deals with some of the churches early fathers, teaching, discussions and arguments in a thoroughly enjoyable way.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (09/05/15)
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