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Go To Grow

Why Every Believer Would Benefit from Participating on a Short Term Mission

by David McDougall


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Onwards and Upwards Publishing
Published:09 September 2012
David McDougall is vicar of St Saviour’s Church, Sunbury-on-Thames.
A bit of a personal one here as, although having been to India seven years ago speaking at churches and pastors’ conferences, it was only this year that I widened things to spend almost three weeks in Uganda doing so many different things. Since July I have sometimes find it hard to express what can be gained from such a trip because I am so full of the encounters, experiences and emotions of a land so different to our own. However David McDougall uses all these in what I can only describe as an inspirational book of adventure and personal application.
Go to Grow is laid out as a study book so at the end of most chapters there are questions and practical instructions. I feel that it is not only for future participants of such mission trips but for the many of you out there who may have been thinking about organising one for yourselves. It goes through all the practicalities of preparation, funding, luggage, health, travel, prayer and making the most of everything which, in turn, allows you to give the most of everything to those you meet.
Canon J John writes, ‘David has discovered a way to infuse faith, hope and love in people.’
...and what did short term mission do for me? During the middle of next year I shall be joining friends living and working at a vocational training centre on Bugala Island, Uganda!

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Reviewer: Mike Norbury   (18/10/12)
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