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Enjoying Later Life

by Elspeth Jackman


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Onwards and Upwards Publishing
Published:03 March 2012
ĎA beguiling mixture of practical advice and spiritual celebrationí is how Pam Rhodes commends this book by Christian writer, musician and broadcaster Elspeth Jackman.
With much good humour and common sense Elspeth clearly shows her book is mainly for Christians and those who want to know what the Bible says about enjoying later life. Anecdotes and examples abound her work as she explores the various facets of life for those in their later years. There may be the need to forgive past hurts and mistakes; we are reminded to be thankful, even for the smallest things and not to be afraid to speak out.
The things around us are important and we should be willing to make changes to brighten up our lives. Whilst mental challenges are an important aspect of later life we can use our imaginations to deal with bad thoughts and memories.
An easy read in a good size print.

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Reviewer: Guy Marshall   (07/07/12)
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