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The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers

by Charles Humphreys


Price: £11.50
Publisher:Onwards and Upwards Publishing
Published:January 2011
The greater part of this book is teaching us how to get our relationship with God in order, before we can expect him to help and direct us on our life journey. We need to work at this, and at the end of each chapter Charles Humphreys has given a short review of what has just been read, exercises to work on and a page for your own notes. He addresses all manner of issues drawing on his own life experience with anecdotes that help him explain his message. Clearly set out in fairly large print, occasional cartoons lighten the serious content, and I found it easy to read and well worth the time spent.
Not until section three, the Appendices does the author give factual information to help you search for a job; lists of various websites, for help with training or seeking the job of your choice, a list of online career and recruitment sites and much more. It is here that his experience of advising clients in a Jobcentre comes to the fore, and reassures us that the previous chapters are well worth heeding.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (11/08/11)
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