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Gospel-centred Marriage

Becoming the Couple God Wants You to be

by Tim Chester


Price: £4.99
Publisher:Good Book Company
This book has an excellent theme running through it. Just as our life should be Christ-centred so should our marriages. Tim Chester brings out well the purpose of marriage (companionship) and the key Biblical principles (sacrifice and submission). He also shows that all marriage relationship problems are problems of the heart.
However the book places too much emphasis on sex, even talking about the duty to have good sex. The book begins with the subject and devotes a third of book to the subject. Some will find his language too graphic.
This book also leaves much unsaid. He does not devote space to the importance of the spiritual life that is the need to pray together, worship together and serve the Lord. He misses out completely the issues that older couples may face such as ill health and aging.
In conclusion although the book has many good points it left me unsatisfied. Maybe the best people to write books on marriage are elderly Christians who have a wide experience of married life.

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Reviewer: Alan Hill   (02/10/12)
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