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Joshua Talks to God

by Christiana Alberichi illustrated by Terry Kole


Price: £8.99(plus P&P)
Publisher:Abela Publishing
Published:11 November 2011
Price – £8.99 plus £2.50 P&P
I could imagine reading this to my grandchildren when they were younger and being asked to read it again and again.
From the start it is different to other children’s books by almost immediately entering into a ‘dream’ world in which Joshua hears God speaking, and the reason does not become apparent till the end.
Joshua is bored! It is raining and he longs to go outside but his mother can’t cope with how dirty he would get and sends him up to play in his bedroom. At the top of the stairs he feels odd and then ‘AHHHHHHH screeched Joshua’ and the strange happenings begin.
The illustrations show his confusion admirably as Joshua finds himself in a weird place where nothing is quite normal, foreign animals pass by and girls and boys come forward to meet him and make friends with him. He has heard God’s voice whispering comforting words to him but is till very uncertain about his situation, until......
But then you need to read that for yourself!

P&P in the UK £2.50

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (17/03/12)

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