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Saints and Sinners of the Marches

by Michael Tavinor with illustrations by Sandy Elliott


Price: £20.00
Publisher:Logaston Press from Gardners Books
Published:Spring 2012
Researching this book was a major undertaking, though Michael Tavinor was well placed as Dean of Hereford to have his ‘ear to the ground’ of that historic yet very much alive region spanning the English/Welsh border. It is a beautifully produced book, something to feel as well as read, but giving a single page to each saint/sinner, it is not a light book. You will even want to keep the dust jacket pristine.
So what of the characters? True Christian, the author makes no judgement, saint or sinner, but gives a short pr&éacute;cis of the life followed by an appropriate perspective, poetic or prose, that informs the life in some way. There are also beautiful drawings for each page that offer visual comment. This is more than just an entertaining coffee-table book, it is a valuable commentary on the life of the Marches which will seem far less remote and uncultured when you have delved and been amazed. The book puts a timely marker down for the Marches, no matter where you live. Thank you, Michael Tavinor.

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Reviewer: Paul Scott   (09/08/12)
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