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Doing What Jesus Did

A Fresh Look at the Gifts of the Spirit

by Alison Morgan


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Published:December 2009
The Rev. Alison Morgan in her new book examines the world of the Spirit, that is the Third Person of the Trinity, “the orphan of theology” as it has been called. She describes the coming of the Holy Spirit, that powerful force which inspired the first followers of Jesus and became such a transforming influence on their lives and on the Church. She details the gifts and the fruits of the Spirit and insists that they are just as relevant today. She devotes a whole chapter to what St Paul says about the Spirit in lst Corinthians. She then retells many true stories of the Spirit at work in her own parish ministry and finishes with a group Bible study as an aid to gaining a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit. She writes clearly and engagingly of a much neglected part of Christian living.

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Reviewer: John Irvine   (08/03/10)
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