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Duties of Parents

by J C Ryle (edited Alan Witchalls)


Price: £4.99
Publisher:10Publishing from CLC Wholesale
Published:January 2013
This book is a modern English version of Bishop J C Ryle's book on parenting first published in 1888. The editor, Alan Witchalls, points out in his foreword that many modern parenting books are full of expert opinion and wisdom that "ignore God as the author and director of life". J C Ryle's book stands apart by being rooted in the Scriptures.

The 17 chapters are all short and go straight to the heart of the matter. Mr Witchall has preserved the genius of Ryle's plain and direct language so that no-one can miss what he is saying. Subjects covered include your children and Jesus, prayer, church, obedience and idleness.

Be warned: if you are a Christian parent this book will challenge you to reconsider your priorities and methods of parenting. Here are a couple of examples: "Don't be so concerned about how good they are at using knowledge, instead be concerned about how good they are at using the Bible." "Parents, do we wish to see our children happy? We must take care then that we train them to obey when spoken to."

If parents only read one book on parenting then this is as good as any. Read it yourself, give it to your friends: it is a little gem.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (06/04/13)
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