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Words for Today: 2012

A Year of Fresh Perspectives on the Bible

Edited by Nicola Slee


Price: £8.75
Publisher:IBRA from Christian Education
Published:July 2011
Price includes postage and packing.
As usual with these annually published reflections, it is well worth while reading the introductory pages before you start and probably several times throughout the year as well, the Editorial, Prayers, How to Use a Quiet Time, Acknowledgements and abbreviations, all are there for your edification.
Week by week, I like the brief biography accompanied by a photo of each contributor. Only a quick look through shows the diversity of their backgrounds and experiences. They each choose the translation they base their reflection upon, though we are encouraged to read what other translations say and there are many of them these days!
The list of contents tells the subjects covered and that enabled me to dip into specific pages to read and reflect upon. I was immediately challenged to think outside my comfort zone (clichés are so useful sometimes) in contrast I found ideas that gave me comfort about particular issues. I have not attempted to read every page, that could only be a very superficial exercise, but what I have read convinces me that to use this book throughout the year would continue to be a challenge and a benefit.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (11/08/11)
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