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A Taste of Hildegard

by Elizabeth Ruth Obbard


Price: £5.95
Publisher:New City
Published:13 December 2012
For me Hildegard Von Bingen and Elizabeth Ruth Obbard just automatically go together - Obbard's beautifully simple line drawings of the nun-contemplative are the essential companion in my mind to the rich and beautiful complexity that is Hildegard's mysticism and works.

In this little primer A Taste of Hildegard published to celebrate Hildegard being declared a Doctor of the Church we find a selection of passages from Hildegard's short work Scivias (scivias meaning 'know the Way') that have been chosen and illustrated by Obbard. These passages demonstrate her visions and mysticism well with their focus being on salvation. There is also a short and gentle overview at the beginning of the book on Hildegard and a mention of the other women Doctors of the Church.

This really is a lovely little primer and at only £5.95 it really does make for a very accessible introduction to Hildegard, or a lovely addition to any collection for those who already have a love of her work.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (28/01/13)
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