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Day by Day with St Francis

A Franciscan Breviary

Edited by Gianluigi Pasquale OFM CAP


Price: £14.95
Publisher:New City
Published:September 2012
This book is a must for members of any order of Franciscan, or indeed for anyone with a heart and interest in St Francis and the Franciscan way. With a quite long reading each day this book makes an incredible tool for those in formation and can be used in the contexts of daily prayer, contemplation or indeed in study.
The interior of this book is lovely, with it's excellent collection of daily readings taken from the early works of St. Francis and the Franciscan orders, and with the wonderful Foreword which acts as a précis of Francis and the Orders through to today. The actual book itself under the dust jacket is quite beautiful too being a lovely red cloth bound hardback with ribbon marker, and also a gold blocked image of Francis himself in the style of an illuminated breviary.
This really would make the most perfect gift to give to someone starting their formation or upon their profession, and at only 14.95 it also makes it affordable to buy and to use oneself. This book now has a place on my prayer table and in my daily schedule too and I heartily recommend it to others with an interest in following the precepts of St Francis.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (26/09/12)
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