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The Tenderness of Conscience

African Renaissance and the Spirituality of Politics

by Allan Boesak


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Wild Goose Publications
Published:07 July 2008
South African anti-apartheid activist and pastor Alan Boesak brings the weight of his vision and experience to bear on the current situation in his country. In the first half of the book he gives an overview of the total African situation. Then he focuses down upon the post-apartheid South African struggle. Boesak challenges our understanding and misunderstanding of the true meaning of truth and reconciliation. He presents a clarion call to the churches to respond to the dream of African renaissance with faith, hope, love and determination. This book made me think deeply about the place of righteous anger and the true meaning of forgiveness.

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Reviewer: Teresa De Bertodano   (10/11/08)
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