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Bible Stories

Creation, Noah’s Ark, Christmas, Easter

by Ben Alex Illustrations Gustavo Mazali


Price: £3.95
Publisher:Autumn House
Published:06 June 2006
This is a fantastic little children’s bible book that covers Christmas, Easter and the two Old Testament stories of Creation and Noah’s Ark which if you think about it have a quite fitting synergy to them. The stories themselves each start with a Bible verse and then a child friendly retelling of the story in question. The font used is really good too – very appealing in style – and each story then ends with a longer bible verse of the story told. What makes this book so good though is the illustrations, bold, vibrant and modern in look they are just totally appealing and attractive for both adults and children. A great storytime bible book to share.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (10/09/12)
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