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The Magic of Words

Humorous and Serious

by James A Simpson


Price: £6.95
Publisher:Steve Savage Publishers Ltd

One of the many topics touched on in this book is after-dinner speaking, and there is a sense in which this is an after-dinner speech of a book. The author uses the "magic of words" theme of his title to take a gentle look at life, making some serious points—in a few cases, very poignant ones—and at times educating the reader too. It's all done with a deft, light touch, leaving you to reflect rather than having points developed for you at any length. There are plenty of amusing anecdotes along the way, told in the familiar James Simpson style.

The author has followed his own advice about after-dinner speeches, mixing the humorous and the serious in a way which holds the reader's attention. He keeps you turning the pages, and stops while you still have the appetite for a few more.

James Simpson fans will be very disappointed if their Christmas stocking doesn't contain a copy. 

Reviewer: Martin Brasier   (27/11/13)
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