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Thy Kingdom Come

The Past Present and Future of Evangelical Christianity

by Christopher Catherwood


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Roperpenberthy Publishing from Trust Media Distribution
Thy Kingdom Come is an interesting but uneven look at the state of Evangelical Christianity. Itís interesting because of the global perspective it offers and its rich appreciation of evangelical history. Itís uneven because of some the subject matters (a chapter dedicated to eschatology for example) and for this reader the chapter order. The book also contains lengthy extracts from the Lausanne Covenant and two churches vision statements which in a short book is quite a lot of someone elseís thinking. The book opens with a look at evangelicalsí core beliefs but it would have been a much more dynamic opening had it started with chapter 3 and the overview of global evangelicalism. It also ends without any real conclusion so the book just seems to fizzle out.
Thy Kingdom Come offers an interesting British perspective on evangelicalism today that counters some of the more prevalent misconceptions around today.

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Reviewer: Phil Whittall   (26/07/12)
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