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Hurting Hope

What Parents Feel When Their Children Suffer

by Charles & Joanne Hewlett


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Piquant Editions (Distributed by IVP)
Published:May 2011
This book is not exactly the sort of book you would accidentally end up reading. The honesty of Charles & Joanne Hewlett as they share some snippets of their journey as parents to two children with severe physical and mental disabilities, and subsequently a third child born very prematurely, are a tough read at times. In reading their shared thoughts, I cannot help but feel I know them and feel touched by their story as though I am part of it. They share their successes as well as their failures, and generously reveal some of their insights from the whole journey. They never preach, but rather confess their awareness of, struggles with, and ultimately thankfulness for Godís hand in their lives. With that in mind, I will be giving this book to my own sister in the hope that it will help her relate to others who face the challenges she has in parenting my nephew who has Lowes Syndrome. The story flows so well, that you want to just keep reading on, and despite the challenging content, it is easy to do so, due to the conversational style of the narrative.

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Reviewer: Barry Mason   (09/08/12)
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