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While the Earth Endures

Creation, Cosmology and Climate Change

by Philip Foster


Price: £12.00
Publisher:St Matthew Publishing Ltd
Published:Spring 2009
The author has degrees in Bio-chemistry and Theology, so is well equipped to tackle current issues of environmental concern, with a viewpoint balanced between creationism and evolution, the two opposite poles of current argument, and he incorporates, quite neatly, Biblical viewpoints. For readers scared of scientific reading (and I've never understand the Law of Thermo-dynamics), bite the bullet and be informed. I became fascinated by the “gap theory”. Towards the end of the book, a range of environmental and climate change issues are argued with evidence and determination, and much of what we see and hear in the popular media is seriously challenged. Some fascinating challenges to established thoughts on Christian aid giving arise from these arguments. Available from publisher. The price includes postage and packing. Email:

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Reviewer: Carole Burrows   (26/03/10)
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