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Taking The Hight Road

Fiction Shorts

by Harry Hunter


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Highland Books
Published:December 0013

I found this to be a very readable and cleverly penned book of short stories,  written and linked so that they can, to good effect, be read as a continuum.

The stories are based on a fictitious career-minded couple who move from the South of England to a remote small town on the West coast of Scotland. One of them, newly accepted for lay reader training is keen to move to further their career prospects, but the other, who feels called to full time ordained ministry is dismayed at the prospect of such a change in lifestyle.

Each 'stand alone' chapter, centred on the church, congregation and community in which they relocate, shows God's hand at work often in most unexpected ways. The author has obviously had first hand  experience of parish life. To me, a Priest's wife for over 50 years, the authenticity rings true. I would happily give this book to anyone starting out in 'Ministry' as it deals imaginatively and sensitively with a host of issues and scenarios they are likely to encounter.

Despite a minor irritation of the use of rather too many italicised foreign words or phrases, I heartily recommend this attractive book which can be read either as an interesting collection of short stories, or as a coherent story in its own right. Either way it could also be seen as an easily-digestible, but valuable teaching aid.

Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (07/08/15)
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