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Climate Change Apocalypse

by Jack McGinnigle


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Highland Books
Published:July 2010
This book tries to align plentiful information about climate change, derived from accessible ‘science’ uncritically presented, with passages in the Bible described as straightforwardly containing ‘God’s truth’. The most frequently cited passages are accounts of creation and destruction in Genesis and apocalypse in Revelation, and parallels are discerned with recently observed phenomena. We are also told that there is ‘a tremendous amount of weather in the Bible’ (87) and that ‘God is in charge of’ it (101) and uses it for specific purposes. This implies that we, now, are being punished. But McGinnigle also argues that climate change is man-made. He concludes that we must abandon our selfish ways, become stewards of creation, and ‘choose life’. His conclusions are unexceptionable but his arguments inconsistent.

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Reviewer: Su Reid   (30/11/10)
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