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The Year the Rainbow Broke

by Umoya Lister


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Highland Books
Christian Fiction- General ? Or should I put this book into Climate Change? The book describes itself as ‘Geofiction’ and it really is quite a book!
A rich mixture of disaster in the not too far future, scientific research exposing climate change, weather patterns completely disrupted, panic among governments and people, food riots, fear of food hoarding, starvation in parts of Africa, criminal intrigue, and a young family caught up in it all. A young family with strong Christian beliefs, tried almost beyond their endurance by the evil surrounding a charismatic personality who is intent on ruling a united Africa free from Arabs and Whites, regardless of the suffering inflicted by his schemes.
The author’s name is disguised by a pseudonym, but they must surely be a very knowledgeable individual as the book is full of scientific talk, theological discussion and quotations from the Bible and much more of interest. Don’t be put off by this! It all enhances the story which is truly exciting in a scary way, as it could all so easily happen.
I did not start reading with any enthusiasm, but almost immediately was hooked, and wished I had the opportunity to read on and on. Nevertheless it didn’t take many days to finish it despite being quite a tome of 511 pages. Highly recommended.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (12/09/11)
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