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Stapled A4 Paperback.
Price: £6.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:September 2013
Unlike many of the "collected stories from the Bible" books this one is not small and thick, rather it is approximately landscape A4 size. This allows the fantastic illustrations to be large - roughly three quarters of each double-page spread, with one well retold story on each. Of course, the book being so large necessitates losing some breadth of the stories covered though, with roughly 150 words on each page (the length of this review), not a great deal is lost compared to other books which have many more pages but far fewer words on each.

Each picture also has something to find; my son and I both really enjoyed this book and the things to find definitely helped to keep his interest - long enough for us to read half of the book in one sitting!

(The only drawback I found? - the rainbow has the colours the wrong way round!)

Reviewer: Tim Hupfield   (15/11/13)
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