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Prayers for Boys

by Gabrielle Mercer


Hardback with handle
Price: £4.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:September 2012
In many ways this book is truly excellent. Rather than the lists and groups of prayers you might expect it instead gives a rhyming introduction to the act of praying. It explores what prayer is, how you can go about praying and things you might include in prayers. Perhaps my only reservation is the potentially misleading line "Praying with God is like speaking to a friend. As you get to know him, your problems will end." Also, I'm not sure that a separate 'prayers for girls' book is necessary; I know my son would enjoy the pink flowery version equally to this blue, football and rocket filled, book! Having said that, the art work is lovely, the message of the book is wonderful (and a brilliant supplement to the usual books full of small prayers with no explanation of what a prayer is or why anyone would want to pray!). The handle on the side of the book is perhaps a novelty, but certainly one enjoyed by my three year old son!

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Reviewer: Tim Hupfield   (18/02/13)
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