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I am Loved

The poignant story of an unloved girl who found extraordinary love

by Claudette Schlitter


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:September 2012
This book, correctly categorised as autobiographical, consists of the outpourings of a Gospel singer/songwriter as she has journeyed, and continues to journey through the seasons of her life.

Brought up in inner city Birmingham she experienced at an early age a mind-numbing array of abuse, bullying and rejection leading to a feeling of being unloved. I found the 300 pages a harrowing read not least because no sooner had Claudette apparently overcome one hurdle than she faced yet another including obesity, bulimia and attempted suicide.

This is a lengthy, but well-written account of the writer's struggles and how God has helped her and continues to do so. However it is not a self-help book, and it clearly states this.

My overall feeling was that the cathartic effect that writing this book undoubtedly had was stronger than the inspirational message of God's love that the author presumably had hoped to convey.

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Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (21/11/12)
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